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How a coach can help you achieve more

For years I’ve had the privilege of working with under graduates and post graduates as they learn the skills to make a ‘success’ of themselves as media professionals. I’ve also headed up production teams in radio and television, working with people who are trying to get on the next rung of the career ladder.

What I’ve recognised about myself and many others, is that we often perform to our optimum when we're encouraged and supported by someone else. Sometimes that’s a partner, a friend or family member, or a colleague. Sometimes its someone who knows us in a less personal capacity - someone who won't condone our excuses or lack of motivation and who will be frank when we need some stern words!

It makes sense. Top athletes have coaches. People who are trying to achieve life goals such as weight loss or fitness, employ someone to guide them, challenge them and keep them focused on their goals. But you don’t need to be a top sports person or a top CEO in waiting to benefit from a coach. Coaching is about developing the capabilities of people right where they are. It’s about helping them help themselves in recognising their strengths, working on their weaknesses and enabling them to get where they want to go in life and/or in business.

Coaching is different to mentoring - and in my experience it works. I've been fortunate to have the input of three significant 'coaches' in my time, all of them have brought something positive to my life and career and my experiences have been richer for them.

If you need: motivation, creativity, encouragement, a challenge, more confidence, help setting and delivering goals then consider a coach.

We’re not all high-performers, but many of us want to be the best we can be in the areas in which we operate. If that’s you, I would encourage you to find someone to work with in achieving that. If that person is me, drop me an email and let's see what we can do - together.


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